Embria currently consists of more than 10 partner companies doing business on the Internet. Embria companies actively develop Russian and foreign Internet markets. They provide users with high quality products and are leaders in their market segments.

Fotostrana is the largest entertainment social network in RuNet. It is in the TOP-5, together with VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki (Classmates) and MojMir (My World).
Playkot develops game applications for social networks and mobile platforms. It is one of the leading companies in the social games industry in the markets of Russia and the CIS.
Belka Games is a young company that creates games for social networks. Its DAU is more than half a million users.
Flymob - Global Network advertising mobile advertising. The company specializes in the advertising displayed on mobile phones with Internet access. is a company that develops mobile apps for iPhone.
WannaTalk is a company developing applications for social networks and mobile platforms.
Youla Media is an advertising platform, an official partner of Google AdExchange in working with publishers.
Promo Ltd. is a digital agency with great experience in creative brand promoting in the social media environment.
DataLead is a leading mobile user acquisition agency in Russia. The company provides high-quality mobile non-incentive traffic from the biggest traffic-sources.
Albrecht & Vitte is a company that provides Internet business with legal services.
Mobilisator provides services of Internet projects monetization via mobile payment instruments and also develops various tools based on mobile technologies.
Embria is an international group of IT-companies


Social entertainment network

Fotostrana is a social and entertainment network which is popular in Russia and beyond, with daily audience of 1 million people! The company develops social network and monetizing games and activities.

From 2015 Fotostrana directed its efforts to mobile developments. Four apps were launched – mobile version of Fotostrana, Swipe — application for communication with friends, mobile photo contest “Picture of the Day” and SweetMeet dating service. The latter was released to USA market in 2016.

Fotostrana has been in existence for 9 years already, and as of today its team consists of 150 people. As the years went, operation of the company evolved from «frenzied startup» approach where every person was Jack of all trades – writing codes, composing, designing etc. Now the company practice is splitting the responsibilities, but at the same time – the best sides of a startup are still there, and promising ideas are not "gathering dust" but rather get implemented promptly.
Like all companies of Embria, Fotostrana has a strong team and brotherhood spirit, and traditional events and holidays - without which any corporate calendar is unheard-of – help a lot to maintain this spirit.


Social games

Playkot develops game apps for social networks and mobile platforms. The company is a leader in both the Russian social games markets and those of the CIS. Thousands of gamers all over the world enjoy Playkot's applications daily.
The company started in 2009 as a small start-up. Now it employs more than 60 game industry professionals. Playkot's team is constantly perfecting their process of developing and promoting social games. This is why their player loyalty and monetization rates consistently continue to increase.
Playkot's games are present on global platforms - Facebook, Google Play, iOS App Store, the Russian Big 3 – VKontakte, Odnoklassniki (Classmates), MojMir (My World) and a Japanese social network Yahoo! Mobage.

Playkot's most popular games are Knights: Clash of Heroes, Warzone, SuperCity and Farkle Live.

All the games combined have a DAU of 700,000 users and MAU of 3,5 million users.

Belka Games

Social games

Belka Games develops games for social networks. Their DAU is over half a million users.

The company has created and released 14 social games and applications. Belka Games specializes in developing casual game applications. Bright, eye-catching graphics and high technical quality have led to consistent popularity with their users.
The company's products are as popular in the main market, which is the CIS, as they are among players in the USA and Asia (Japan, Korea, China).

Belka Games' games can be found in 15 social networks, and top the charts in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki (Classmates), MojMir (My World), MeinVZ, SchuelerVZ, StudiVZ, Nasza Klasa.
More than half a million users play Belka Games games on a daily basis. The total number of players exceeds 15,000,000 people.

The most popular games of Belka Games are Clockmaker и Cower Defense.

Their DAU for games is 650,000 users.


Advertising Mobile Advertising Network

Flymob is a global mobile ad network that aims primarily at web mobile traffic market. The company finds and conducts the best performing advertising campaigns for advertisers and allows to get maximum revenue from the inventory of sites for publishers.
Using advanced technologies and huge experience in advertising on web sites and mobile applications, Flymob cooperates with the biggest global mobile apps developers, providing them with high quality traffic on a CPI basis. Today the company daily serves more than 50,000 iOS and Android app installs from all geos to the advertisers.
Flymob offers mobile web sites the highest CPM, 100% fill rate, smart optimization system, detailed real time reporting and brand safe advertisers. The company constantly works on introducing innovative mobile ad formats to increase the profit of webmasters and still keep the site attractive to the users.

Mobile apps development is a new Embria family member. The company develops mobile applications, games and entertainment services for iPhone. Their relatively small team is always passionate about their products and have set for themselves exciting and ambitious goals.
Company’s first project - social polling app was released in August 2015. The app allows users to collect thousands of opinions and share their own opinions. Usk.Me is not only about polls but also an easy and addictive way to communicate with friends - any answer is a great reason to chat. It’s super easy, amusingly fun and awesomely effective. The app uses a smart learning system to select profiles and questions most likely to be of the user’s interest. The application is free to download.
The developers have incorporated the Big Data technology which uses special algorithms analyzing profile data and results of users' communication. This allows the service to provide the users with the content matching their interests the best way without setting any limits for communication. The next step in the team's roadmap is a global release of the updated app version.


Social mobile apps

WannaTalk was founded in 2014 but already boasts 200 000 DAU enjoying its games and applications on social networks.

The company’s flagship product is the application "WannaTalk".

The application has been launched on lots of Russian social networks; Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Fotostrana and is also available as an app for iPhone users.

A democratic leadership style, together with the elimination of bureaucracy and management hierarchy, are the main principles of "WannaTalk". This allows "WannaTalk" to remain an open minded and flexible company which strives to consitebtly achieve its primary aim of being a welcoming and nurturing employer and a user-oriented service provider.

Youla Media

Advertising platform

Youla Media is an advertising platform, an official partner of Google AdExchange that works directly with publishers. Youla Media provides thousands of international websites with the most up-to-date technologies and a large and diverse list of ad formats to monetize traffic with – banners, rich media, video ad (prerolls, overlays, postrolls).

Ad platforms partnered with Youla Media benefit from professional consulting services and exceptional 24/7 customer support. Highly experienced monetization team of the company plan advertising campaigns so that each ad impression is targeted at the ideal audience and delivers the maximum possible ROI.
The company provides upmarket possibilities and high-quality technical solutions to sweep advertising campaigns up to 15 billion monthly ad requests on the most popular Russian and foreign entertaining web portals with 1.2 billion monthly audience.

Ad platforms can maximize revenue by displaying 4 or more Google AdExchange blocks per page and setting a minimum CPM threshold to filter out low-paying ads from showing up on the web site.
Youla Media’s technology enables advertisers to reach the audiences of not only the most popular content types – news, games, entertainment – but also the niche audiences of brand platforms: financial services, insurance services, online stores and so on.

The Brand-safe policy solution used by Youla Media protects the brand from sites with unwelcome content while considerably expanding the target audience and minimizing costs.

Promo Ltd.

Digital agency

Promo Ltd. is a digital agency with a considerable experience in creative brand promotion in the social media environment, e.g. social networks, blogs and forums. Their portfolio includes hundreds of brand promotion cases in social networks for such brands as Microsoft, Autodesk, Oracle, KFC, HeadHunter and others.
Eugene Marchenkov, General Manager and co-founder of Promo Ltd.:

–Business is comprised of processes, people and the drive of those people. Strategic cooperation between our company and Embria has proved invaluable. This merger and synergy has taken Promo Ltd. to the next level and enabled Embria to develop a new market with the support of a partner.

The company uses cutting edge marketing techniques in social networks, such as targeting, geolocation, online reputation monitoring and other effective tools.

In addition to this, Promo Ltd. Is actively developing their expertise in running CPA advertising campaigns.

Since early 2013 the company has been providing its clients with high quality pre-game video ad placement in social networks as well as pre-roll ads on video portals.


Mobile user acquisition agency

DataLead is a leading mobile user acquisition agency in Russia. The company provides high-quality mobile non-incentive traffic from the biggest traffic-sources: MAIL.RU, Google,, Facebook, Twitter, InMobi and others.
Traffic is provided on a CPI basis (cost-per-install). Clients pay only for the users who have proved they are interested by installing applications to their cellphones.
DataLead has a great portfolio of direct clients including the following companies: Tap4Fun, Aviasales, eBay, GetTaxi, Social Quantum, GameLoft and others. Today the company provides up to 40 000 Android installs per day, and up to 25 000 iOS installs per day.

Albrecht & Vitte

Legal assistance

Albrecht & Vitte is a company that has been providing legal services to Internet businesses since 2011. The company’s lawyers offer a range of services: one-time support for tax-structuring, Internet resource monetization and complex solutions for the protection and optimisation of companies operating on or via the internet.
Dmitry Donov, CEO of the company:
–Internet entrepreneurs come across not only common difficulties such as organizing and registering their business but also very unique ones, such as cross-border payments, tax planning or DMCA. Albrecht & Vitte’s lawyers work to protect a client’s interests from the concept stage and continue to do so through all subsequent stages of development.


Mobile solutions for business

Mobilizator develops payment instruments and provides monetization services for Internet projects via telecommunication technologies and e-commerce. These technologies enable people to use cell phones and the Internet as fully-featured payment and banking interfaces. Among other things, Mobilizator provides websites with useful instruments, such as mobile commerce, SMS billing and subscription and also develops different interactive mobile technology projects.
Mobilizator’s team consists of experts in telecommunications, Internet products and VAS as well as service and application developers; it also utilises “clouds of specialists” which enables the company to quickly assemble a new project team to respond to almost any task.
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